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Monday, January 26, 2009

Countdown to Churchill

It's time to start counting down to my/our Arctic Edge adventure. As you know, I will be heading up to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada to help with some ongoing research on climate change. And you get to virtually travel with me! During my time in the Great White North, and as we approach my departure date, you will have challenges to meet as a part of your grade. Your missions will be posted here on this blog site, and you will respond to my blog for your grade. If you have any questions as to how to make this work, speak to me NOW before I head north!

I will be flying to Winnipeg on February 12 and then taking the train from Winnipeg to Churchill. Your first challenge is to discover what I might experience on that train ride. Find some travel blogs or sites created by others who have taken that train ride. Answer the following questions:
* What are some of the locations that I will be passing through?
* How will the ecosystems change over the course of my trip?
* What latitude will I board at and what is the latitude of Churchill?
* What are some of the highlights of Churchill besides polar bears? (Churchill is the polar bear capital of the world!)
* What are my chances of seeing a polar bear this time of year...what are their hibernation/behavior patterns?
* And finally, what time will the sun rise and set in Churchill when I arrive on February 14th? Is that different than the times it will rise and set here and why?

When you post your response, which you will receive a grade for, don't forget to make it your own. In the subject box put the number of your period followed by a dash and then your initials. For example, Rebecca Ann Smith in third period Marine Ecology would put: 3-RAS. Good luck. I look forward to your findings.